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what do i use to manage a product catalog on a website?

I want to create a website that features a product catalog. This catalog should be database-driven and managed by a system that is simple enough for my mom and pop to be able to add, edit, and delete catalog entries. What free software can I use to do this? Let’s assume that I have my [...]

What is the difference between windows applications and browser based applications?

What is an event? What are the similarities and differences between the ways events are handled in an ASP.NET application versus a Windows.NET application? Chosen Answer: Event is nothing but any action that occured in the window which inturn activates the computer to execute set of code that is associated with that event. 1. Windows [...]

What are the dangers of being fully open to the internet?

I was able to take down my Verizon Router Firewall for just my laptop, I needed to to host halo, port fording is all screwy…. What are the dangers of being full exposed to the internet like this? Chosen Answer: Really easy to gain access to your system and network. From there you can become [...]

Whats a good free web hosting service that works easily with word press?

I’m trying to get a blog going and i want to set up wordpress but i need a free web host that is really easy to set up word press on. Chosen Answer: How to start a blog Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog [...]

Will a web interface prog work in a lan (other computer)? without using internet/hosting it online?

hi i’m clueless in information system design. Please help me thank you Chosen Answer: Hey Buddy, Yes, or shall we call it web pages can be hosted on an IIS web server. If you deploy your web application on an IIS, and set some access permissions on it, yes that web page you [...]

Do you know of a free hosting?

Chosen Answer: There are lots of free hosting that offers ASP hosting. Give a search on Yahoo/Google, you will find plenty of offers. I personally used ; their service is good, easy to manipulate and free. I prefer their feature “upload all files as single zip file, system will extract automatically”. This option let [...]

How can I earn money on the net by hosting a website?

Any Suggestions Chosen Answer: Things I look for in a business are free or low cost to join, free or low cost to run, some level of training and/or support, a website or information on how to create one, and a simple duplicatable business success system. The company and people should support and train you [...]

Does anyone know where I can find hosting for an ASP.NET web app with Oracle as the database?

I am creating a maintenance tracking system and need a host for it. Chosen Answer: If you mean you need a host that provides both IIS and Oracle, that’s a tall order. The Oracle wiki lists several companies that can host an Oracle database, and those companies probably also host Microsoft servers that can be [...]