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When i try to host on CoD4 on xbox live it just wont let me. i have very fast net. do u hav 2 be host of a party with more tham 1 person to host? every game i join i lag soo bad and you just cant play if you are lagging. plzz help [...]

How can I play an animation I made in GIMP on the net?

I know how to actually make the animations using layers and play it as an animation on GIMP, but I want to show it to my girlfriend. Is a code or some way I can get this animation put up on the net? Thanks! Chosen Answer: Convert the image to GIF file format. After saving [...]

Is there a certain way to turn infrastructure mode on for the PSP?

I want to play MGSPO+ onine but every time I try to get online it says no host found. Is there a way you turn infrastructure mode on? Chosen Answer: try here………… by: Terry And Gillian M on: 7th November 08

Are there any free and easy online guides to playing the erhu?

I just came back from a trip to China, and I brought back a chinese violin, the erhu. The only way that I have found how to play is by looking at pictures and videos of erhu players and by imitating their technique. I want to go further and to actually be able to play [...]

How do I play minecraft with my friend?

I want to host a server at his house so we can play on the same map. I do not want to connect to another server. Can I do this? If so I can even set up the server on my home computer and connect to there? Thanks! Chosen Answer: Here’s some easy steps to [...]

How to get rid of the high latency and be able to host in Starcraft?

I have been trying to play a game with my friend over battle net but when we try to join each others game it says the latency is too high. I have tried to forward the port used by starcraft with the one from and it still doesn’t work and i can’t find anything [...]

Why is it that on when i play Starcraft on and host a game noone ever can join??

Why is it that on when i play Starcraft on and host a game noone ever can join?? I do have a router connected to my modem. could this be the reason? how can i fix it? Chosen Answer: It is not the reason. When someone joins your game, it is considered traffic to [...]

Cheapest ASP.NET hosting for personal stuff?

I’m looking for a host where I can play around with ASP.NET (and actually show it to the world, not just on my dev box) and also host a few small subpages (though not different domains or websites). I don’t need 200GB of bandwidth or 10 SQL Databases, like some hosts offer. I need something [...]