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How much Can I get for the name

I have owned the domain name for over a year now and I need to know what I should do with this domain I do know the Alexa ranking is getting up there. Chosen Answer: Contact Miller/Coors ( ) and see if they are interested in buying it. Miller Lite: “ Overview [...] was hosted by which company?

I don’t know which company host the website Can u help me? Chosen Answer: From the whois info below, it looks like its hosted by Whois info for, Registrant: None 410 Lakeview Dr Shepherd, TX 77371 US Domain name: YEUNGHE.COM Administrative Contact: Tompkins, John 410 Lakeview Dr Shepherd, TX 77371 US [...]

Help with website Blue Voda and hosting at Go Daddy?

Ok…I used the “free” web page builder to create my website page…and purchased my domain name and hosting at Go Daddy…..NOW I try to post my pages and low and behold I see that I should have purchased or something at Blue Voda… I tried copying the html and viewing the site..but it comes up [...]

How do you contact the owner of a domain name if you dont know where its hosted?

there is nothing on the webpage, so its obvisouly not being used, and i want to ask about buying it. how do i find out who owns it and where its hosted Chosen Answer: check the whois data by: tblenns on: 13th November 10

What is needed to start a Personal Website?

I want to create a website to showcase my photos. Where is the best place for Domain and Web-hosting? What programs should I use? Chosen Answer: Gallery is a free program, but your site needs PHP to use it. Useful Tools/Info: How to Register Your Own Domain Name: What is Favicon.ico and [...]

What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

I want to get my own website up and running, so I went to look at prices around the place… I found a good site which has domain names at /year, but I’m confusing myself because I’m not sure of the difference between a domain name and web hosting – I want quite a lot [...]

What is the best site to buy a domain from?

I’m going to buy a domain name for my small business (plus hosting). Any recommendations where I should get it from? Chosen Answer: I recommend and personally use: (Been using them for 2 years now, no regrets) They have unlimited space and transfer. They give you a free domain for life. They have php [...]

I am setting up a celebrity fansite. Where can I register and purchase a cheap web host in the Philippines?

I only need basic features like registering my domain name and hosting my content (around 1 G transfer limit, 50MB storage, no email). Chosen Answer: i found this website very usefull it has compared top 10 web hosting companies in a chart and will show the most reliable and affordable web hosting company it [...]

Should i buy license If i want to host a website in asp dotnet?

am planning to host a website using apart from domain name and web space should i get license to do this? Chosen Answer: No, you dont need any kind of license if you are hosting your DotNet website. DotNet framework is free. by: Jay Paudyal on: 19th February 10

What ideas should I use when trying to make money from a website?

I don’t want to invest money into the website, other than to pay for the hosting and domain name. I’m trying to figure out what kind of content to add to it so I can use afflliate marketing. I’m interested in anime, horror movies, Graphic Design and Administrative work. I’m not sure how I could [...]