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good, inexpensive domain name registration and hosting for Australian domains.?

I want to register my email name as an .id domain and business name as . Any recommendations of a good, cheap company for web hosting and domain name registration.?There are so many out there with differing prices and ‘features’…I dont know where to start. Chosen Answer: costs for 2 years .95 [...]

I need to find a cheap domain name & hosting reg site.?

I have been to and they have a plan where you can pick a domain name (.net) and host it for like .00. But I am lookin for something for less then because until monday, I only have in my paypal lol. anyone know of a site I can get a domain name and [...]

Need a good web host w/web builder…?

I already registered my domain name for a year. I’m trying to find a good (proven) web host with a web builder I can use (w/out extra software or programs) in which I can use my already registered domain name. Thx! Rosa~ PS: I am by no means looking for any “freebies” by the way. [...]

Any 1 know a free web hosting without ads +without subdomains?

I’m looking for a free web hosting that does not have banner ads, or any other kinda ads. I want to be able to use my existing domain name. Must have decent ftp.. not 1 file at a time. perferable unmetered bandwidth. ta for any help Chosen Answer: Why would anyone offer free, unlimited hosting [...]

Wats the significance of hosts file in windows.?

shld all the sites i visit has to be registered in the hosts file? pls help!!! Chosen Answer: all a hosts file does is redirects a dns name to a specific ip/dns address. Like if you put in (space) then every time you visit google you will be visiting your local computer. Many [...]

wat are the steps for hosting a web site?

how to select domain name? where to host? Approximate price for hosting to a tenure of one year in INR? Chosen Answer: = Host Evaluator = 4gb storage – 8gb bandwith – ftp – free. = Free = See “free [...]

Domain hosting question?

If I get go daddy or another domain name company to host my website and it becomes very popular what rights to my website do they have? Is there a better alternative? Chosen Answer: If you buy hosting and a domain name from a professional host, they have no right to your website. There are [...]

How much Can I get for the name

I have owned the domain name for over a year now and I need to know what I should do with this domain I do know the Alexa ranking is getting up there. Chosen Answer: Contact Miller/Coors ( ) and see if they are interested in buying it. Miller Lite: “ Overview [...] was hosted by which company?

I don’t know which company host the website Can u help me? Chosen Answer: From the whois info below, it looks like its hosted by Whois info for, Registrant: None 410 Lakeview Dr Shepherd, TX 77371 US Domain name: YEUNGHE.COM Administrative Contact: Tompkins, John 410 Lakeview Dr Shepherd, TX 77371 US [...]