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Where can I find someone to assist building a web comic site?

I’ve been working with this idea to build a web comic site that can host multiple comics, allow select people upload their own comics, and not require hours of work to make updates (so the focus would be on the art and not on having to keep the site updated. I’ve built a few sites [...]

Where can I find website templates that I can use, multiple times for multiple clients, as a hosting reseller?

I want to offer template choices to web hosting clients, so I am looking for a website that offers templates that can be used multiple times without an extra charge. Chosen Answer: or paid.. by: NetMyMate on: 18th August 09

What is the best FREE web hosting site?

I know how create html files and I want to upload them, What free web hosting sites that supports multiple file uploads and basics of a website? Chosen Answer: Same day setup, latest version of CPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited domains, and Fantastico included. It’s also free [...]

Best way to share large files with multiple people over the net?

I need to share a couple hundred files (about 1TB total) from a fairly decent internet connection (a few hundred kB upstream) with three people. I thought I could set up an ftp, but I looked into it and thought all the dynamic DNS stuff sounded too complicated. What is the best way to share [...]

What is the best ASP.NET (Windows) Web Hosting site?

I know this may be just a matter of opinion but I am trying to find a great ASP.NET (Windows) Web Hosting site and was hoping someone would be able to recommend a site to me that they use. I am looking for the following features: 1. Host multiple domains. 2. MS SQL Server 2008 [...]