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Web Host – Allowing IRC & Proxy?

I’m looking for a Web Host that allows the use of an IRC and a Proxy. I’m hoping that it’s a Free Service aswell. Chosen Answer: You can not get proxy hosting for free anywhere in the world, you may check review of top ten web hosts at website like . by: Lina S [...]

What is a good Minecraft host?

What is a good Australian Minecraft server host for “around” – a month. I’m looking for a reliable one That supports bukkit where they do setup and configure the plugins for you. Chosen Answer: I use it.. i love it.. its awesome The hosts are so friendly, they set everything up for you Good [...]

Need a good web host w/web builder…?

I already registered my domain name for a year. I’m trying to find a good (proven) web host with a web builder I can use (w/out extra software or programs) in which I can use my already registered domain name. Thx! Rosa~ PS: I am by no means looking for any “freebies” by the way. [...]

Any 1 know a free web hosting without ads +without subdomains?

I’m looking for a free web hosting that does not have banner ads, or any other kinda ads. I want to be able to use my existing domain name. Must have decent ftp.. not 1 file at a time. perferable unmetered bandwidth. ta for any help Chosen Answer: Why would anyone offer free, unlimited hosting [...]

Anyone know a reliable turn key adult website hosting company?

Anyone know a reliable turn key adult website hosting company? Looking to start one… Any advice would be helpful! Thank you! Chosen Answer: I am hosting my website at , you can also give them a try. by: Devil Princess on: 16th April 08

What is the best service provider for online budget hosting?

I need to host a website and I am looking for budget hosting with great tech support. It’s just a small website. Chosen Answer: I am using web hosting from even you can give them a try. by: John R on: 16th November 07

Can i create a website without hosting it?

Hey Guys/Gals, I would like to work on creating a website for business use. This website will take many months to finish and personalise. Is it possible to create and work on the website without having to host it? I was looking at but would like something a bit different as i plan to [...]

What is a good Canadian Minecraft server host?

I am looking for a reliable, inexpensive server host for about 7 people. Chosen Answer: Post a request on and you will surely find some good deals by: Jay on: 17th October 12