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What is the best service provider for online budget hosting?

I need to host a website and I am looking for budget hosting with great tech support. It’s just a small website. Chosen Answer: I am using web hosting from even you can give them a try. by: John R on: 16th November 07

Can i create a website without hosting it?

Hey Guys/Gals, I would like to work on creating a website for business use. This website will take many months to finish and personalise. Is it possible to create and work on the website without having to host it? I was looking at but would like something a bit different as i plan to [...]

What is a good Canadian Minecraft server host?

I am looking for a reliable, inexpensive server host for about 7 people. Chosen Answer: Post a request on and you will surely find some good deals by: Jay on: 17th October 12

How can I find a family in Mexico to stay with for the summer?

I would be willing to pay for room and board. I am looking to create a kind of foreign exchange student situation for myself. Any ideas on how to approach finding a host family? (I’d prefer to cut out any middle men–a placement agency, etc.–to save money) Chosen Answer: search around on the net for [...]

Are there any free and easy online guides to playing the erhu?

I just came back from a trip to China, and I brought back a chinese violin, the erhu. The only way that I have found how to play is by looking at pictures and videos of erhu players and by imitating their technique. I want to go further and to actually be able to play [...]

Where to get hosted FREE to have a Myspace layout site?

I am starting my own site and I cant afford it. Is there any sites that offer you free hosting and domain? Thanks! Chosen Answer: Exactly what youre looking for! by: L on: 27th July 08

How can I make web picture galleries from pictures matching a keyword search?

I have a bunch of pictures tagged with keywords (currently in iPhoto). I want to have a website where someone can search for a keyword, or choose a keyword from a list, and have a web photo gallery generated of all matching pictures. I have hosting with mySQL and PHP. I am familiar with computers, [...]

Where can I find website templates that I can use, multiple times for multiple clients, as a hosting reseller?

I want to offer template choices to web hosting clients, so I am looking for a website that offers templates that can be used multiple times without an extra charge. Chosen Answer: or paid.. by: NetMyMate on: 18th August 09